The Unofficial Resource For The Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller

Several months ago we read a discussion about scrollers on a web development blog. One of the blog posts mentioned an unusual scroller on amazon.com. We looked at the Amazon scroller and it is impressive. You should be able to see the Amazon scroller here. We searched for software to create a similar scroller but had no success.

We are satisfied users of several products from Sothink, so we were pleased to learn that Sothink has developed a program that can create a scroller similar to the Amazon scroller. We had an opportunity to look at the program, and we were impressed with its ease of use and versatility. Not only can the program create a scroller similar to the Amazon scroller, it can also create a variety of other scrollers, including a news scroller and a slide show. Use the links below to get an idea of the wide variety of scrollers that can be created with the Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller.